We work with firms in the technology sector to help them develop products and manage their product life-cycles by accelerating their time-to-market, increasing their competitiveness and helping them sustain their product operations at maturity. We work with R&D divisions of leading companies to help them visualize and prototype concepts and transition innovations to product engineering.

Our expertise in software around product development and related technologies is focused around the following areas:

DBTC uses various tools and methodologies to blue-print the enterprise from a technology perspective. Our architectural framework uses tools and methods addressing information flows, dynamic process sequences, integration points and work-flows. We translate these into architecture maps and implementation road-maps which can then be used for detailed technology and project implementations.

DBTC designs and develops embedded software, hardware and board support packages for product development and R&D. Our capabilities extend across Digital Signal Processing to real-time OS and related software and chip-sets. We work with our customers in areas like sound simulation and visualization, some of the specific technologies are:

  •   MATLAB
  •  MIPS optimization
  •  TI processors like TMS 320C6701 & TMS C6211
  •  SHARC ADSP processors
  •  State machine designs
  •  Diagnostics, Flash and firmware
  •  Software tools like Visual DSP+, TI Code Composer Studio, Sate CAD, WinRunner, Rational Rose

Accelerating time-to-market for developing products is best done through a prototype-discover-learn-evolve cycle rather than big bang approach to software product development. We have been using various iterative methods to help our customers in their R&D and product development efforts. Some of the methods that we use are:

  •   Agile development methodologies
  •  Feature driven development
  •  RAD/Scrum methodologies
  •  Spiral development models

DBTC helps its clients develop and manage products across the entire software lifecycle. Leveraging product development experience and a global operational model, it helps its customers in reducing costs significantly.

DBTC believes that verification mechanisms and tools are an essential component for robust design and implementation of technologies or systems. We frequently use descriptive languages and verification tools both for real-time, embedded and other software and system implementation.