The manufacturing, materials, energy and technology sectors are seeing unprecedented growth in the emerging markets as well as consolidation and concentration globally. This is leading to large cross-border capital investments, mergers, acquisitions and innovation in financial and operating models.

What We Do
DBTC's financial consulting services enable customers like the banks, private-equity firms, manufacturer and operators to make critical investments and go/no-go decisions. Our portfolio of services addresses all aspects of finance and valuation starting from economic feasibility to divestment. Our deep industry insight along with our financial engineering tools and benchmark knowledge bases, help us provide unparalleled advice in diverse areas like:

Consolidations, M&As and operating model innovations are happening at an accelerated pace in the current marketplace. Private-Public partnerships, Build-Operate-Transfer/Own are some of the operating models which are seeking to maximize operating returns, generate investment flows and helping de-risk business transactions. DBTC’s transaction advisory helps structure these complex transactions from technical, financial and regulatory perspective. Our clients, especially in metals and mining sector, can take additional advantage of our domain expertise to structure and execute partnerships, M&As and operating model designs in the most efficient manner.

We help banks, private-equity firms, M&As on enterprise, projects and asset valuations. Our valuation mechanisms for firms, projects and assets are unique and state-of-the-art, and accommodates varying degrees of risks, volatilities and uncertainties typical in these sectors.

We help private-equity firms, investors and banks in designing investment portfolios in the metals and materials sectors. Our deep understanding of domain, markets and technology helps us design fund portfolios for investors with complete advisories on market analysis, technology selection, make-buy decisions, fund allocations and investment returns.

We analyze profitability of operations & projects and returns on capital from both an enterprise and industry segment perspective. Our analysis helps our customers to understand operational costs and profitability bottlenecks and identify the performance gaps. We also look at historical sources of financial performance, and look at value unleashing mechanisms to boost future operational and project performance.

Our risk analysis addresses project and operational risks. Modeling financial risks helps decision makers to understand the degree of risks and uncertainty and its impact on valuation, cash-flows and project viability. Accurate financial risk models can make a significant impact on go/no-go decisions and on-going risk management strategies.