Market Studies

Market Studies

Market entry, investments, expansions, M&As and company strategies require deep understanding of the current and future markets and how they are likely to shape up in both qualitative and quantitative terms. This is particularly true for large investments, as is the case for manufacturing, materials, energy and technology industries.

What We Do
DBTC's market studies use a combination of domain expertise, field studies and advanced analytics to understand the customer and market dynamics. Our market analysis framework is robust and it accurately provides market insights in the sectors that we focus on.

With a team of experts and knowledge tools, DBTC brings its depth and expertise in the following areas:

We help our clients understand customer needs and behavior and develop segmentation strategies around it. We analyze the demand patterns of various market segments and identify the sweet spots which will yield them the maximum benefits in terms of revenues, profitability, returns and customer loyalty. Using data science and domain knowledge, we uncover market insights, which can have strategic implications for our clients.

We help our customers identify, design and rationalize their product mix around the needs of the markets. We look at market scenarios and segments and look at product basket options, which have the most compelling benefits to our clients. We take a holistic approach to the product mix design and rationalization by integrating the demand side with manufacturability and operations. This results in robust product baskets, which have long-term impacts on revenue, margin and customer retention.

A firm’s strategy is largely dependent on the competitors in the market place. Understanding the competitive forces and the players in the industry is fundamental to charting out a firm's strategy.

At DBTC, we look at the nature of competition for our customers and benchmark them in the marketplace. We study and analyze the key competitive levers ranging from cost to differentiation and look at factors affecting those levers from a competitive perspective. We look at best practices and industry benchmarks around factors like productivity, capability, processes, amongst many others and assess the client's positioning in relation to its competitors.

Our analysis will reveal key levers that a company needs to focus on to improve its competitiveness in the industry. Our implementation experts can help design and implement the strategies to improve competitiveness based on our recommendations.

Few levers have as much power to influence profitability as pricing does. For a typical company, a one percent increase in price boosts profits two to three times as much as a one percent increase in sales volume.

Yet pricing capabilities are underdeveloped in most companies. Real challenges cause companies to fail or simply shy away from addressing pricing strategy. We work with clients to design or improve upon their pricing strategies so that they can maximize their profit potential both in the short and long term. We look at pricing models across the pricing spectrum from “cost+” to “value" pricing and recommend pricing options most appropriate to the client based on its markets, strategy and profit potential.

We advise our clients on entry strategies into markets. Our rigorous analysis combined with field studies and primary research helps our client make the right decisions in terms of product mix, capacities, channel strategy and competitive dynamics. We look at current and future demand-supply scenarios, analyze and model customer preferences, look at effects of current and future substitutability bringing them all together in our entry strategy framework.