Intelligent automation systems are essential for improving the productivity and efficiency of systems. Today’s enterprises require integrated automation systems spanning the enterprise to the shop floor to support the efficiency and agility goals. DBTC’s capabilities include expertise in architecture, basic engineering, detailed engineering and implementation of complex integrated automation systems across different levels of automation.

Our technology expertise spans a wide area of automation systems:

Sensor technologies are crucial for real-time automation and control for implementing strategies around supply chains and operations improvement. DBTC’s expertise around sensor technologies include:

  •   Standard digital and analog instrumentation
  •  Optics and Laser based sensors
  •  Thermal signatures
  •  Image processing sensors
  •  RFID sensors

Our process control expertise helps our customers implement and optimize unit operations within the overall framework of an integrated IT system. We work with various platforms and vendors to design and implement machine level control and integration to larger systems. The technologies include:

  •   PLCs and DCS systems
  •  Modern PC based controllers
  •  Simulators, visualization and HMI
  •  Industry standard integration networks like Profibus/Modbus
  •  Drives and motor controls

We can further optimize unit control of operations by using algorithmic control based on mathematical and empirical process models. Our knowledge of process and operations along with our partnership with key equipment providers in our domains help us in advising, selecting and implementing these technologies within the overall operations improvement framework. DBTC works in various areas, like:

  •   Process optimization and algorithmic control
  •  Advanced visualization
  •  Real-time complex event processing
  •  Statistical process control
  •  SCADA systems
  •  Integration of machine control and manufacturing control levels

As a part of the information technology strategy at the manufacturing level, we focus on the technologies and processes required for implementing optimized manufacturing execution systems. Our expertise and partnerships in software, platforms, tools and methods help us recommend and implement the right manufacturing execution system for our customers. Our focus areas include:

  •   Architecture and blueprinting
  •  Standard MES platforms like SAP ME, MII, PSI, Broner, Quad, GE Cimplicity
  •  Integration and interface planning across ERP level
  •  Mobile integration

Mechatronics is the integration of mechanical, electrical and computing technologies into the design of complex products. Mechatronics builds on core-competency in Sensors, Dynamics, Vibrations, Controls, Hydraulics and Non-linear Systems.

At DBTC we help our customers with technologies to design mechatronic-based systems for scheduling and sequencing in real-time, tracking, monitoring and high-precision motion control.