Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology is an essential enabler for the manufacturing enterprise. Producing finished goods with quality, at low cost while meeting changing customer needs is a fundamental competitive advantage for manufacturers. Integrated information systems when implemented right can be a game changer for the industry.

What We Do
DBTC architects, blueprints and helps implement integrated information systems so as to increase the efficiency and agility of its customers' operations from the markets to the mines. DBTC can help its customers with design, selection and implementation of the key information technologies in the following areas:

A manufacturer must be able to efficiently convert customer orders to production schedules and manufacture and commit based on available capacity in a consistent manner, while carrying minimum inventory, with minimal disruption. At the same time, the ability to track the material quality, quantity and genealogy in near real-time provides them with the flexibility to change while being able to proactively manage manufacturing in near real-time. Manufacturing execution systems are key to achieving this degree of agility and real-time control in the manufacturing enterprise. DBTC helps its clients architect, select and implement MES systems for the enterprise.

Shop floor automation and control is the primary enabler for high quality and productive operations in manufacturing. Implementing operations improvement or in-plant supply chain requires appropriate automation at the process level for information and control. Today’s intelligent automation systems can be a great enabler, which can include sensor technologies based on machine intelligence, thermal signatures, RFID, process models and many others. At the same time, traditional technologies like PLCs and closed loop controllers need to be architected and integrated for seamless operations. DBTC designs, develops, selects, programs and manages manufacturing automation systems at the shop floor level for its customers worldwide.

Seamless information flow from the shop floor to the top floor is the glue that ties material, cash and information together and provides the enterprise with its adaptability and resilience. At DBTC we frequently find that many manufacturing enterprises are islands of automation. This has profound implications on the nature, structure and operations of the enterprise with “information hoarding” being a key characteristic. At DBTC we architect information integration strategies for our clients that help them in consolidating their information systems, tying diverse technologies together and help build a more coherent and adaptable organization.

Data combined with intuition is a powerful enabler of both strategy and operations. We use data science to architect strategic recommendations for our customers, and we also help our customers develop and implement analytics based solutions for decision-making. Our analytics based solutions include forecasting models, statistical control systems, reliability based decision models, clusters based analysis, pattern recognition systems amongst many others. We help develop these analytics based systems for our customers to aid them in their decision-making and to help them gain market and operational insights.

Many of our customers in the technology sector seek our advice and implementation help in product development in the embedded systems area. Our expertise in embedded processors and software around many platforms enable us to design and develop state-of-the-art products in the areas like sound systems, visualizations, real-time simulations and chip level designs. Our team's expertise around real-time embedded systems addresses all the phases of product life-cycle from concept to sustainability.